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Solar Installed On Drung Clubhouse

The installation of solar panels on the clubhouse of Drung Dalcassians GFC marks a milestone in the club's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The project was executed by Galetech Contracts, a leading renewable energy solutions provider known for their comprehensive and innovative approach to clean energy installations. The initiative not only aims to reduce the club’s carbon footprint but also to cut down on operational costs, thereby redirecting savings towards enhancing club facilities and programs. The solar panels, now prominently positioned on the clubhouse roof, symbolize the club's forward-thinking approach and dedication to the environment.


The funding for this green energy project was club funded and supported by Carrickallen Wind Farm, whose support has been instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition. Carrickallen Wind Farm has a history of investing in community-based projects that promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their funding ensured that the installation process was seamless. This partnership highlights the potential for collaboration between local groups and community organizations to foster sustainable development in the Carrickallen area.


Matt Curran, Chairperson of Drung Dalcassians GFC, expressed his enthusiasm and optimism regarding the project. "This is a fantastic development for our club," he stated. "The solar panels not only demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact but also significantly lower our electricity bills. & provide hot water for club users. This means we can allocate more resources to improving our club facilities and supporting our teams. We are incredibly grateful to both Galetech Contracts for their professional installation and Carrickallen Wind Farm for their generous funding. It's a win-win for everyone involved."


The successful installation of solar panels on the Drung Dalcassians GFC Clubhouse sets a benchmark for the future. It showcases the tangible benefits of adopting renewable energy sources, from financial savings to environmental impact. The collaboration between the club, Galetech Contracts, and Carrickallen Wind Farm serves as a model of how community-driven projects can achieve substantial results through shared vision and support. This initiative is a testament to the power of community partnerships in driving sustainable change and promoting a greener future.



Carrickallen provides yearly funding to local groups, committees and clubs to progress. For further information, contact Deirdre on 087 1163978 or email

Galetech contracts allows you to become more energy independent. By generating your own electricity, you reduce your dependence on the grid and have more control over your energy costs. This can help you become more self-sufficient and reduce your impact on the environment. For further information or to speak to someone please call

Gerry on 083 0815455 or email



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