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Seven Hills Co.Roscommon

Project update – December 2021 A planning application for the proposed Seven Hills wind farm is now due to be submitted in the first quarter of 2022, following additional Site Investigation works in the coming weeks, which will complete our project assessments. Once the submission is lodged, all planning documentation associated with the proposed wind energy development will be made available on this website.

The proposed development consists of approximately 20 wind turbines with a typical output of 5-6 megawatts - enough to supply around 85,000 Irish households with renewable electricity every year. The development will give rise to a range of benefits, including up to 100 construction jobs. It will also create permanent operation and maintenance roles, as well as ancillary functions. There will be a substantial community benefit fund to help support local community projects and ensure that residents benefit directly from the renewable energy development. The fund will be administered in accordance with Wind Energy Ireland (WEI - formerly IWEA) best practice and grants will be made available after one year of wind farm operation.

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