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Deirdre Keegan

Community Liaison

Deirdre has been working in a public liaison role since 2017, initially as an assistant to Minister of State, Kevin Boxer Moran and more recently in community engagement on numerous wind farm projects. Being people orientated, well organised and an excellent communicator, Deirdre has qualifications in Hospitality and Marketing accompanying a Master’s in Business Administration. Deirdre has previous experience liaising with various governmental departments, politicians, embassies & groups, carrying out research into local, regional and national issues and assisting with election campaigns.

Deirdre has been working in Community Liaison Officer role on a number of Strategic Infrastructure Development (S.I.D.) Wind Farm projects meeting and engaging with individuals and communities during the pre-planning process and acting as the front line of engagement for these projects. Deirdre also has similar experience in community engagement on RESS-1 projects post-planning.


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