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Why Does Galetech Select A Particular Area To Build A Wind Farm?

The location of a wind farm is critical to its success. Conditions contributing to a successful wind farm location are complex and vast but include factors such as wind conditions, access to electric transmission, physical access, and local electricity prices.

The faster the average wind speed, the more electricity the wind turbine will generate, so faster winds are generally better for wind farm developments. The balancing factor is that strong gusts and high turbulence require stronger more expensive turbines, otherwise they risk damage. The average power in the wind is not proportional to the average wind speed. For this reason, the ideal wind conditions would be strong but consistent winds with low turbulence coming from a single direction.

When Galetech analyse locations from initial surveys and some locations appear to have the potential to accommodate wind energy we first run a feasibility test. This test includes analysing the following:

• The capacity to achieve suitable setback distances for the turbines from existing houses

• The impact that shadow flicker would have on the viability of the project.

• Exploring if the existing environment and landscape could accommodate a wind energy project.

Galetech also considers the County Development Plan and decides on how the wind farm would work in conjunction with the local environment. The suitability of the roads infrastructure for construction is also considered and another important aspect of this assessment is the potential for the proposal to play a positive role in the future development of the local area.

Throughout the entire analysis process, we welcome feedback from people in the community and are constantly modifying and adapting plans to match and exceed the needs of the local area.


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