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Taking the lead from Wind Energy Ireland

Taking the lead from Wind Energy Ireland by sharing this interesting article written by Aldert Otter for Silicon Republic.

Ireland is ideally positioned to be a global leader in #offshorewind and #offshorewindenergy, with our maritime territory extending beyond our coastline for up to 220 million acres, an area more than 10 times our land mass.

Although Irish offshore is in its infancy. And with regulatory and planning hurdles still to be manovered 2022 is still set to become a groundbreaking year for Irish offshore. The second #RESS auction is to deliver 3,500GWh of green energy by the end of 2024 which aligns with #glasgowclimatepact which challenges the development of 5GW of offshore wind by 2030.

Galetech Group, Galetech Energy Developments Ltd. and Galetech Energy Services have already been ‘dipping their exploratory toe’ (pun intended) into all things offshore, with wave 🌊 making announcements due to be made very 🔜.

Watch this space...…


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