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Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. Working responsibly, ethically, and sustainably is the foundation of Galetech Culture. We strive to accelerate the energy transition by mobilising these ideals.


Wind energy is our heritage and core competence. In recent years we have moved towards working on solar and hydrogen projects and more recently we have moved into developing the construction of sustainable communities. We believe that the combination of all these sustainability driven businesses will form the backbone of a cleaner and greener world.

To participate in creating thriving & inclusive communities

Working in harmony with our local communities is one of our core values.


We aim to always create a positive social impact and drive change through mindful practice.  We do this by supporting like-minded diverse, equitable, and inclusive groups where we live, work, and play.
We welcome and encourage dialogue with our communities. With the help of our community outreach programme we are continuously going out into the community in an effort to integrate, and also bring lasting change into the lives of our neighbours.

For Galetech Group to be a family-friendly workplace

We are proud that our business is considered a family-friendly workplace.


We make it possible for our employees to easily balance their personal and family life with their work life. We encourage hybrid working and we consider the families of our employees to be members of the extended Galetech family.


We realise that in this global economy it is now the norm for work colleagues to see each other more and more and for families and friends to see less and less of each other. Mindful of this trend at Galetech we foster a workplace atmosphere that is relaxed, welcoming, engaging and one which facilitates the pursuit of our employees and their families' passions outside of working hours.


We value open communication with each other, our clients & our stakeholders

Effective communication is key to Galetech Group success.


We are committed to consistently delivering the best possible outcome first time and every time for our clients. To achieve this goal we tap into our values which are rooted in promoting effective and open communication.


When communicating with each other internally we have communication channels built into every process. This approach means that no one gets 'left behind’ or feels disengaged with what' s happening. Our team is stretched across the globe and across time zones but our communication priority means we can still celebrate success and create a platform for shared learning regardless of where we are.

We foster & encourage entrepreneurism

Every Galetech employee is trained and has been given clear direction in their role.


We believe that every employee brings to the group a unique set of skills and talents and by coming together we create a dynamic environment that delivers projects for our clients that are best-in-class.


We are passionate about what we do and we encourage and promote our employees to take ownership in their roles. This project ownership fosters entrepreneurism and a sense of empowerment.


To be a workplace that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion

Every Galetech Group employee comes from a different background and has a different life experience. We aspire to foster these differences. We respect that everyone has a unique perspective and passion and no two people are motivated by the exact same drive.


Having a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace allows Galetech to attract and retain a truly global and dynamic workforce.


Diversity, equity and inclusion provides us with the tools to apply the right combination of perspectives, insights and skills to solve the challenges which we are presented with on our project.

GaletechGroup staff

At Galetech passion for renewable energy and sustainability defines and motivates us

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